Let's take a trip down the Rabbit Hole

Only the curious may enter.......


Founder/Creator of Bariatric Weight Loss Family and inspirational speaker, Gail Reeves, takes you on a journey, unlike any other! It will trudge you through the deepest, darkest places of your soul, all the while having a "hand to hold onto" and guide you. Completely 100% non-judgmental and 100% unconditional love! You come out of the Hole with your own personalized warrior battlecry as a reminder of the time you spent beating your demons. THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART... and the only rule is HONESTY! You can say WHATEVER you wish, as long as it’s HONEST! The only question is: Are you brave enough to enter the Rabbit's Hole?

 You will receive guided one on one time with Gail Reeves as she rapid fires questions that will make you dig deep to find your truth, your happiness.  

Rabbit Hole Survivors


Gail’s Rabbit Hole:

I was not afraid at all going into the hole because I wanted help getting over a difficult situation in my marriage. Gail is awesome at getting down to the root issue. She is not harsh but she is firm. It may be something that you didn’t want to hear or face, but it helps get to the bottom of what is going on. It helped me 

realize that I need to work on standing up for myself and that I don’t have to solve everyone’s problem!! She came up with my battlecry that I read daily or when I need to focus!!!


I am so glad I decided to try this because I feel so much lighter so much sorrow lifted from my soul. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to go down the rabbit hole to find a better version of myself the amount of love and understanding that went on was phenomenal. It made me feel so safe and secure that I was able to do things I never thought i could and was able to move past some hurts that were holding me back in life. I am proud of the women i am today and everyone should go do this! You will learn so much more about urself then u thought was possible!


I was somewhat wary of going down the rabbit hole... feeling like I have so many skeletons and so much shame. Gail never once made me feel anything but loved and accepted, and had such insight into the painful journey that brought me to this point in my life. Without any kind of agenda she helped me see myself and those who hurt me objectively, and I realized my anger was really grief. Allowing myself to grieve has lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. It was an amazing experience and one I would recommend to anyone. I felt safe the whole time and so well loved and protected ❤️


I just want everyone to know. I had the privilege of going down the rabbit whole with Gail Reeves. Gail, it is truly and eye opener and really brings you put with such peace and a better protective on life. It's a safe and loving place to heal and open up.. No matter what your facing Gail can bring out the best in you.


I joined Gail Reeves in the Rabbit Hole yesterday. There was nothing but genuine acceptance and love shown to me. I have many demons that need to be faced, but we made great progress on helping me learn that I have value and that my feelings and needs should matter to anyone who cares about me, and that I am entitled to demand what I need from people in my life. I have a long way to go, but I was amazed at what can be accomplished when there is no judgement and noone to tell you that your feelings aren't valid.


My rabbit hole journey wasn’t planned. It just happened as Gail Reeves and I were chatting. At first I was hesitant. Who really wants to face the truth we’ve spent our lives hiding? Gail has a way of making you feel comfortable, loved, and safe. If you want an eye opening experience, this is it. Jump in that rabbit hole and you’ll come out a changed person.

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Gail's Blog

About Me

Life Before Weight Loss Surgery

I topped the scales at 351 pounds of pure unhappiness. I was morbidly obese my entire life. I struggled walking, especially up and down stairs. I struggled breathing. I struggled to LIVE. 

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. I lost 205 pounds, and became a Marathon Runner. I had to focus inward in order to change the outward. 

Changing the World with Kindness

I now run a Weight Loss Support Group of over 16,000 members. I started one of the first Non-Profits for bariatric patients in the country. We have helped thousands of people on their journey. As always stay humble and kind. 

The Journey

Exploring Your Past

We can not see where were going by looking behind us. However we can not FOCUS on our future when we're constantly struggling with our past. I have created a safe, loving, and guided program to help you get to the heart of the struggle.

The Rabbit Hole

Once you have the courage to enter the Rabbit Hole, you will find that the dark places in your mind are not as scary as we make them. The ONLY rule to the Rabbit Hole is HONESTY! Easier said than done. I will guide you with rapid fire questions to get you to say what you HONESTLY feel. Will it be raw? YES! Will it kill you? NO. Can it change your outlook on your life? ABSOLUTELY! 

Living Your Future

After your  trip into the Rabbit Hole, you will realize that what you WANT from life is what you can HAVE from life. You will learn your heart, mind, and find your voice to the problems that plaque you. It's a cleansing of the words you scream in your brain, but never have the ability to voice allowed. I give you that place in a safe, loving, and judgment free environment. The only thing you have left to do is leap into the Rabbit Hole and see where it takes you!


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Atlanta, Georgia, United States


*Gail Reeves is not licensed or trained in any mental health field.


*Always seek the advice of a doctor if you’re struggling with depression or have suicidal thoughts. The Suicide Hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.

*The Rabbit's Hole is 100% confidential, UNLESS medical assistance is needed for the safety of the physical and mental well being of the participant... at Gail Reeves discretion. 

*This is a paid consultant fee to Gail Reeves and is in no way affiliated with Bariatric Weight Loss Family (not for profit) or Bariatric Weight Loss Family Foundation.

*Gail Reeves and her affiliates are not responsible for the safety and mental well being of the individual entering into this program.